Homosexuality is one of the most controversial topics of our day, and we all need clear, biblical answers that are grounded in love and compassion.  As a Christian and a leading expert in the field of sexual identity, Mark Yarhouse provides honest, accurate information about hot-button questions like:

-What causes homosexuality and same-sex attraction?
-Can attractions or orientation be changed?
-What is "sexual identity" and why does it matter?
-What should I do when a friend opens up to me about his or her homosexual attractions?

Always keeping in mind the real, hurting people - Christians and nonbelievers alike -who are struggling with the issue, Dr. Yarhouse provides a balanced and accessible look at today's research.  He also introduces a new way to think about the topic, carefully separating "same-sex attraction" from a "gay identity." This book provides a much-needed, deeper understanding of homosexuality that will help our churches, our communities, and our families speak the truth in love.