Our Staff


Daven Hee, Senior Leader

In 2003, Pastor Daven (PD) gathered a team and branched out from Grace Bible to start Innovative Concepts (IC). As senior leader, PD delivers inspiring, straightforward messages that are easily relatable. Additionally, he is deeply committed to training and developing leaders and serving the local community. PD’s driving vision is to restore the next generation’s trust and faith in God and in the church. PD has accomplished many things in his life and is most proud of his successful 30-year marriage to Barbie, raising two young-adult daughters, and being a grandpa to three young grandsons and a young granddaughter.


Barbie Hee, Women's Ministry Leader  
EMAIL:  barbiehee@ichawaii.com

Barbie has been an unwavering support system to Pastor Daven and has been an integral part in shaping IC. She helped established the children's ministry, as she has done at other churches in the past, and now works with many women in the church. She shares sound advice based on her life experiences as a mom, wife, and businesswoman. Barbie has been in real estate for more than 15 years and is currently a broker at Engel & Voelkers 


Connie Ma, Children’s Church Ministry Leader

"To me, the best part is building relationships with the youth at REAL. I honestly believe that every child is a special gift, and I'm really thankful that I can spend time getting to know them every Saturday. I hope that I can make a positive difference in their lives by helping them grow and learn each week."

Christina Tauaefa, Executive Assistant

"Innovative Concepts is constantly trying to reach people and help the community in new and different ways. I like being part of such exciting work."


Chad Moriyama, Young Professional Leader
EMAIL:  chadmoriayam@ichawaii.com

"As leaders of Innovative Concepts we strive to make other people better. Coming to IC I feel like I belong to a family rather than just a church. We all lift each other up. We utilize our gifts and talents to reach and exceed our God given potential."


Michael Nagamine, Media Coordinator

"There is no place like IC! As a team we serve God, love people, and constantly learn and grow. We have a genuine impact on the communities in which we work, and I love that I can be a part of that impact while using and developing my gifts in film and media."


Shayne Tauaefa, Youth Pastor  
EMAIL:  shaynetauaefa@ichawaii.com

"While at IC, I have learned the value of relationships, family, and how to genuinely care for others. I like that we are a church of action that makes a lasting difference in ourselves, our families, and our communities. I continue to help and serve because everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. I love the fact that we are one family made up of different people who all love God!"


Patrick Lau, Youth Leader
EMAIL:  patlau@ichawaii.com

"Innovative Concepts has always shown me the true meaning of family. I know that I will not find this unconditional acceptance anywhere else. I strongly believe in IC’s vision to help people and have been amazed by the miracles I’ve seen happen in our community."